'Go Forth in Beauty and in Wonder,
Go Forth into the Magic of Infinite Possibilities.'

The Noble Order of the Knights of The SanGreal


he Grail Knights Foundation
An Ancient and Sovereign Affiliation of The Knights SanGreal

We are an
Ancient Mystical Order dedicated to the restoration of the Ways of the Old Ones and disseminating the Knowledge of their Forgotten Sacred Lores and Wisdoms which inevitably will lead to the Full Realization of that Inner Divine Spark that has forever impelled man and woman to seek a Higher Meaning of Life.

 This is known as the Grail Quest.

The Quest for the Holy Grail is the greatest adventure one can ever undertake

Those who set forth upon this Quest tread a mystical "Pathless Path" through which contact with the "other world" becomes a common reality; marked by unceasing and unwavering faith, devotion, inspirational visions, prophecy and mystical communion with the Avatars of all Ages.

It is a Path of selflessness, not self-aggrandizement.  Yet, in following the Light, we obtain guidance in troubled times, a quiet heart, boundless joy, and indescribable peace of the soul.
Those who have this peace "that passes all understanding" can remain unshaken amidst the troubles of the world.  They have seen the kingdom of heaven already in this life. 

In this lies Supreme Happiness.

The Grail Quest is a Journey towards finding and knowing one’s truest purpose in life, what one has been created for, and the true desires of one's Heart. 
It is a Way for all who want to experience more deeply and richly the Profound Mysteries for which the Grail remains the perfect symbol.  
The Grail Quest represents a Secret Knowledge which cannot be stolen, taught or given, but must be learned through direct and personal experience.

Upon this Pathless Path you will discover a knowledge of the Spirit that is not second-hand but one which is gained through direct and personal experience.

       Nobility comes from the Soul:
It is one’s actions that make one Noble.
Nobility only has a meaning if it continues the virtuous practice of traditional values which have always been the sovereign hallmark of recognition of those of noble title.

The word "noble" comes from the Indo-European root, gno-, found in Gnosis. The equivalent in Sanskrit is jna-, found in prajna (discriminating insight) and jnana (reflective insight).
Gnosis is a special capacity for knowledge, including both self-knowledge and the full apprehension of the Natural World and the Cosmos at large.

Equity and Justice are qualities of Being based on the application of the dictates of conscience and the principles of natural justice.
Behaving justly means acting with Honesty; Sincerity and Integrity in all matters and expressing Truth and Reality in all dealings.
Justice can be thought of as distinct from and more fundamental than benevolence, charity, mercy, generosity or compassion, rendering to each their due or right according to their actions or motives

The Grail Knights Foundation also endorses and promotes certain Fundamental Principles which are interrelated, mutually supporting and necessary in the creation of  Prosperous and Sustainable Social Constructs.

These Fundamental Principles are:

    * Ethics

    * Integrity

    * Kindness

    * Personal  Responsibility

    * Honouring the Earth

The natural outcome of living in accordance with these Fundamental Principles is the development of an an inherent Respect and Care for the Community of Life and a strong sense of  "Duty of Care" to other people and indeed to all other forms of life, both Now and in the Future.

It is only through the implementation of these Fundamental Principles that productive and prosperous Communities can be created and sustained ... This means that development should never come at the expense of other groups or later generations.

The actual purpose of development is the improvement of Quality of Life for All.
It is a process that enables human beings to realize their potential, build self-confidence and lead lives of dignity and fulfillment.
Economic growth is an important, but only one component of development.
It cannot be a goal in itself, nor can it go on indefinitely.

Therefore, we should always distribute the benefits and costs of resource use and procurement fairly among different communities and interest groups and be ever mindful of those who will come after us ...

As it has been written:
'We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors ...
We borrow it from our Descendants.'

Although people may differ in the goals that they would set for development, some are virtually universal.

These include:

* The need to be happy,

* To live a long and healthy life,

* The right to an education,

* Access to adequate food, water and shelter and the resources needed for a decent standard of living,

* Political freedom,

* Freedom from violence

* Guaranteed human rights, by definition. 

Development is real and valid ONLY if it improves the Quality of  Life for ALL peoples in ALL of these respects .